Friday, May 01, 2009


VERY LONG TIME without an update, and for I'm sorry...

-graduation ceremony in Boston in 2 wks, though not officially done until Sept.

-headed to Asia from there for an elective class, gone for 3 wks, visiting companies such as Toyota, LG, Asahi Beer, Samsung, etc. In tokyo, seoul, bangkok. Also going to cambodia.

-work is good.

-mel is substitute teaching

-mochi almost died, but now he is ok. Pet hospitals are very expensive

-its spring in portland. U can see the mountains and everything is green and gorgeous

-my wife is an amazing chef.

-a very tardy congrats/props to bj and matt on ur weddings, we had a blast at both.

-praying for my unc to heal and strength to fight a tough battle. We love with all our heart and soul!

Peace from the morning train ride,


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowbound and Dreaming....... (A post made by Mel, since P is busy being a SMARSH/BABSON dork these days)

Ahhh....cabin fever.

Gotta love it.

We've been living in the Pacific Northwest for over 3 years now and have never seen this much snow in the city. The mountains, yes. But here in Portland? Nope. I thought I left this weather when we moved out of Philly....

It's weird. At first, I loved seeing it come down. I gave Pauly his Hannukah gift, a nice retro record player/radio/stereo system, cracked open some vino, played some old vinyls, and went for a walk in the snow.

I don't mind that I can't drive in this, but it sucks that the bus isn't even running. So I can't even go to the gym, which is only a 5 minute drive away. And no, HELL NO, I'm not walking up a steep insane snowy bank to get there. (I value my health and all, but not to that extreme).

Two days off from the gym is not a big deal. I can wait.

But now I'm kind of craving warm.....

What I wouldn't give to go here RIGHT NOW:

And pretend to live abroad, drink tea at high noon, cocktails before dinner, and indulge in a nice horseback ride into the sunset?

Hmmmm....we can all have our fantasies right?

Ick. I'm counting down the days (literally) until we head to Montego Bay, Jamaica for BJ's wedding......

I need a vaca like no other!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mel praxis test

HUGE CONGRATS goes out to my wifey, Mel for passing her praxis test!!! This test has been a major obstacle in our lives, but its now behind us. Next up in our lives is her student teaching after the new year, and also my moms in law moving in with us for a few months until she gets situated here in Oregon.


Monday, September 22, 2008

the past 3 months...

these past 3 months have been a blur. school/work, school/work, school/work is all i've been doing. we had some visitors at the end of the summer: Mel's brother Matt and his girlfriend, OJ, and then our homey Rich and his girlfriend, Liz. we had a lot of fun, did some cave-dwelling with rich and liz underneath mount st. helens where the lava flowed, it was really cool. mel rocked some frisbee golf on mt hood with matt and OJ, i missed out on that one since i had work...

school's cool, doing this big Innovation Challenge next wk, competing against around 100 teams of MBA students from top schools all around the world.. 1 year down, 1 to go. hopefully going to japan, korea, and thailand for school to study asian business in may 2009.

work is cool, still killing it at sales and managing 4+ ppl in portland.

mel is good. she's cooking like a top chef these days. we traded cooking duties when i went back to school and she's really outdoing herself.

im off to chicago in an hour or so for a work conference, just for a day.

mochi is cool. he has 2 personalities. 1/2 the day he is cute little mochi (aka mocheezle or mochironi), but then the other 1/2 of the day he is ScratchBite (aka SB, or scratchbizzle the demon). it's crazy how quickly he can change personalities. he terrorizes kippy, and everything else in the house. he loves receipts and napkins. and pouncing on kippy when she least expects it. and your toes.

listening to M.I.A. and My Morning Jacket lately.

excited fall is here. get your honeycrisp apples when you see them and stock up.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy B-Day Mom, Happy Father's Day Dad. And Meet our new kitten, Mochi.

Happy B-Day Mom!
Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Meet our new kitten, Mochi: